Whiteout (2019)

4 days ago1473 0

“When a young couple encounters a strange old man wandering in a snowstorm, they must decide if he needs help, or if he has more sinister intentions.” lanceedmands.com

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Superhuman: Genius (2008)

5 days ago1421 0

“An entertaining mix of human interest stories and popular science, Super Genius explores people with incredible mental knowledge & strength.“

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Scum (1979)

1 week ago5851 0

“Raw, violent and shocking, Scum is a compelling story set in a contemporary Borstal. It tells of life in an institution run by violence and brutality rather than reason, where the boy who can fight his way to the top of the heap and reign as ‘Daddy’ will gain the respect of the inmates and […]

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The Bolt Connection (2018)

1 week ago3742 0

“After a heist that goes wrong, a frail robot who was the driver of a robot mafia ends up being in possession of some loot he shouldn’t have, a human heart. Tempted by the opportunity of being like his bosses, he grafts the heart to himself and discovers the feeling of being alive. But those […]

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Bucketheads: A Star Wars Story (2018)

2 weeks ago4633 0

“A squad of Stormtroopers are transporting a POW with valuable information from Yavin 4, but getting off planet will test their mettle.” transmutepictures.com

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Joe Rogan Questions Everything (2013)

2 weeks ago931 0

“The series follows entertainer, MMA commentator, trained martial artist and stand-up comic Joe Rogan and co-host Duncan Trussell as they look into paranormal and extraordinary mystery subjects like Bigfoot, psychic ability and UFOs. The shows form is based on a presentation of the topic following up with interviews with experts and members of the public […]

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Trapped (2012)

2 weeks ago1,3463 0

“On an expedition into unexplored wolf territory, two zoology students intrude into a secret world. In the midst of unrelenting wilderness and hours from civilization, they encounter a strange young woman. The two men are drawn into her enchanted reality…and their friendship is put to the ultimate test.”

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Bristled (2019)

2 weeks ago2572 0

“After countless blind dates, Bernard swears that his next date will be the one. But could her flaw be too much for him to overcome?  Bristled is a hand drawn comedic short film that deals with the way we perceive others as well as ourselves.” bristledmovie.com

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Feeding Time (2016)

3 weeks ago6971 0

“When a young woman fills in for her friend on a babysitting job, she begins to suspect things are not as they seem. She’s right.” feedingtimemovie.com

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When You’re Strange (2009)

3 weeks ago1082 0

“Tom DiCillo’s ‘When You’re Strange’ is a meticulously crafted, exhilarating ode to one of music’s greatest ensembles, THE DOORS. Watching the hypnotic, hitherto, unreleased footage of Jim, John, Ray and Robby, I felt like I experienced it all through their eyes. Here, Jim has been resurrected to remind us that he is to this very […]

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The Undefeated (1969)

3 weeks ago1,2514 0

“After the Civil War, ex-Confederate soldiers heading for a new life in Mexico run into ex-Union cavalrymen selling horses to the Mexican government but they must join forces to fight off Mexican bandits and revolutionaries.” -imdb.com

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The Turning Point (2019)

3 weeks ago3541 0

“‘The Turning Point’ explores the destruction of the environment, climate change and species extinction from different perspective. Music by Wantaways.” stevecutts.com

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Kenobi: A Star Wars Story (2019)

4 weeks ago9931 0

“After years in hiding, Obi-Wan Kenobi struggles to reconnect with the Force in order to protect Luke Skywalker from Imperial forces.” -imdb.com “This is a fan film with no official affiliation to Lucasfilm/Disney. Please enjoy our love letter to Star Wars. And may the force be with you ALWAYS!” blackbayentertainment.com

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Jurassic Shark (2012)

4 weeks ago1,9802 0

“When an oil company unwittingly unleashes a prehistoric shark from its icy prison, the Jurassic killer maroons a group of thieves and beautiful young female college students on an abandoned piece of land. Unable to escape the fearsome beast, the two groups of strangers must put aside their differences and come together to fight off […]

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Best of 2019: Top 100 Videos of the Year

4 weeks ago2401 0

“What a year it’s been – let’s look back with the best 100 videos of 2019!” This Is Happening

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Troopers (2011-2013)

4 weeks ago1201 0

“The intergalactic exploits of Dreadlord Sinister’s deadly elite troopers Rich and Larry, in a space saga of epic incompetence. Guest starring Aubrey Plaza.” collegehumor.com/troopers

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Schirkoa (2016)

4 weeks ago2801 0

“In the city of Bag-heads, a senate member faces a tough choice between political career, brothels and love for a mysterious woman. A choice that will transform his life and the city in unimaginable ways.” schirkoa.com

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Frost Bite (2019)

1 month ago1,5906 0

“A young girl lures a mysterious figure across the frozen wasteland for reasons unexplained.” vimeo.com/crankygiant

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Deep Fake Comparison – Deeper metrics of Christmas by Jim Meskimen

1 month ago1212 0

“A deep fake comparison, in collaboration with Hollywood impressionist Jim Meskimen.” youtube.com/channel/UCZXb… jimmeskimen.com

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Kirstie – Season 1 (2013-2014)

1 month ago1631 0

“The son of a Broadway star, who was given up for adoption 26 years ago, tries to connect with his birth mother after his adopted mother dies.” -imdb.com

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The Beast of Bray Road (2005)

1 month ago3,3818 0

“Based on actual accounts of werewolf sightings in Walworth County, Wisconsin, the film follows a local sheriff who is finally forced to accept that a string of horrifying deaths is linked to a predator which possesses DNA of both man and wolf.” -imdb.com

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The Little Krampus (2019)

1 month ago7875 0

“Krampus, the Christmas devil, takes on a little girl as an apprentice.” vimeo.com/user78170124

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Chasing Christmas (2005)

1 month ago1,0121 0

“In a world where the holidays are run by the efficient Bureau of Yuletide Affairs, a bitter and burned-out Ghost of Christmas Past decides to go AWOL while on a “mission” and leave his “target” stranded in 1965.” -imdb.com

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Formaldehyde (2018)

1 month ago4311 0

“An inquisitive coroner void of human connection finds solace in the company of the recently deceased. When he is called to pick up the remains of a teenage girl, he is gripped by the loose ends she may have left behind.” thursclub.com

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Dominion (2018)

1 month ago2991 0

“Dominion uses drones, hidden and handheld cameras to expose the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture, questioning the morality and validity of humankind’s dominion over the animal kingdom. While mainly focusing on animals used for food, it also explores other ways animals are exploited and abused by humans, including clothing, entertainment and research. Find out […]

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Submerged (2016)

2 months ago2,5387 0

“A young woman and her friends, who’ve been targeted by kidnappers, must do everything they can to survive after their limo is forced off the road and plunged into a canal.” -imdb.com

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Skywatch (2019)

2 months ago2,0217 0

“When two outcast teens hack into a ubiquitous drone delivery system to pull a prank on their neighbor, they accidentally crash-land a dangerous prototype – and find themselves entangled in a life-and-death conspiracy. This short has been six years in the making, funded via Kickstarter, and crafted by volunteering artists across the world.” skywatch-movie.com

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Hors piste (2019)

2 months ago4403 0

“The two best rescue workers in the region take off for their umpteenth mission. Professionalism and efficiency all around, but things don’t really go as planned… ” facebook.com/pg/horspistemovie

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To Live and Die in L.A. (1985)

2 months ago1,4726 0

“A fearless Secret Service agent will stop at nothing to bring down the counterfeiter who killed his partner.” -imdb.com

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The Landing (2013)

2 months ago5182 0

“A man returns to the Midwestern farm of his childhood on a desperate mission to unearth the horrifying truth of what landed there in the summer of 1960.” thelandingfilm.com

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Raising Hell: Filming The Exorcist (2010)

2 months ago5512 0

“For the first time ever, witness the creation of the most memorable moments from the film with newly discovered behind the scenes footage shot by cinematographer Owen Roizman, along with never-before-seen outtakes, deleted scenes, and interviews with cast and crew.”

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Bleuets (2019)

2 months ago7992 0

“During the First World War, a French deserter hides in an abandoned house. But when a plane starts bombing the village, it starts a chase to rescue a child who is unaware of the danger.” www.ecv.fr/en

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Run (2013)

2 months ago2,4526 0

“A fast-paced, action/thriller, which centers on a street smart, 17-year-old named Daniel who practices Parkour and is both hero and thief. “

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Hot in Cleveland – Season 1 (2010-2011)

2 months ago2424 0

“Three 40-something best friends from Los Angeles are flying to Paris when their plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland. Realizing that all the norms from Los Angeles don’t apply anymore, they decide to celebrate a city that values real women and stay where they’re still considered hot.” -imdb.com

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Wandering Soul (2016)

2 months ago4431 0

“During the Vietnam War, a Viet Cong soldier stationed in the claustrophobic Cu Chi tunnels is haunted by the ghost of a fallen comrade.” facebook.com/perceptionpictures

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The Fluffy Movie: Unity Through Laughter (2014)

2 months ago2353 0

“A comedy concert film that captures the on-stage performance and inspirational success story of Gabriel ‘Fluffy’ Iglesias.” fluffyguy.com

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John Doe: Vigilante (2014)

2 months ago1,4289 0

“An ordinary man fights violence the only way he knows how – by killing one criminal at a time. Hero or villain? Justice or vengeance? You decide.” -imdb.com

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Overtime (2016)

2 months ago6245 0

“Working late is a killer! Stuck at the office working overtime, Ralph must race home before nightfall… or his terrible secret will be let loose.” overtimeshortfilm.com

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Silicon Dream Girls – When Men Fall in Love with Dolls (2019)

2 months ago1,1715 0

“For some men lifelike love dolls are no longer just sex toys, but relationships substitutes. Dolls made of silicone or TPE, a silicone-like plastic, are selling like hot cakes to people from all social classes in Europe.”

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Yona (2019)

2 months ago8693 0

“After an expedition that went wrong, Chester Cornell, American Captain of the Union finds himself deeply wounded. As he is about to die, an unexpected encounter will make him face his fears and doubts”. vimeo.com/yonalefilm

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Killing American Style (1988)

3 months ago1,0482 0

“From the director of Samurai Cop. A gang of hot headed brutes lead by Tony Stone and sexual sadist John Lynch execute a robbery with some inside help. When they escape from prison, it is up to John Morgan to take on the gang and outwit the sadistic thieves.” -amazon prime

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Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion (2006)

3 months ago2662 0

“A master of the one-liner with an absurd rambling style, Zach’s sharp, resonating humor makes his show at the famed Purple Onion in San Francisco one of the funniest performances in recent comedy.” -imdb.com

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Box Room (2014)

3 months ago1,1872 0

“A young boy discovers a vagina growing in his bedroom wall. He has sex with it and gets it pregnant.” vimeo.com/michaellathrop

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The Admiral (2014)

3 months ago2,94320 0

“Admiral Yi Sun-sin faces a tough challenge when he is forced to defend his nation with just 13 battleships against 300 Japanese enemy ships in the Battle of Myeongryang.” -imdb.com

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La Noria (2018)

3 months ago8157 0

“A young boy who loves to draw and build ferris wheels encounters strange creatures that turn his life upside down.” lanoriafilm.com

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Content Guidelines (2019)

3 months ago4552 0

“A Dark Comedy about a YouTube prank that goes horribly wrong.” facebook.com/Content.Guidelines.Film

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Behind Bars: The World’s Thoughest Prisons – Season 1 (2010)

3 months ago3185 0

“Imagine prisons so tough that even the hardest gang bosses and murderers learn the meaning of fear. This extraordinary series offers intimate portraits of crime and punishment set within the gates, walls, barred windows and cells of the world’s toughest maximum security prisons. From Bolivia to Bulgaria, Dallas to Arizona, viewers meet hardened criminals with […]

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The Real Story of Halloween (2010)

3 months ago3312 0

“The origins of Halloween are explored and how it became the holiday we know and enjoy today.”

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The Burning (1981)

3 months ago2,1315 0

“A former summer camp caretaker, horribly burned from a prank gone wrong, lurks around an upstate New York summer camp bent on killing the teenagers responsible for his disfigurement.” -imdb.com

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Live at the Apollo – Eddie Izzard, Josh Widdicombe, Trevor Noah

3 months ago3641 0

“Stand-up comedy from the world-famous venue. Comedy legend Eddie Izzard introduces South Africa’s Trevor Noah and Devon’s favourite son Josh Widdicombe.”

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